MPRA Newsletter Delivery

Have you ever been curious about to what it takes to get the MPRA newsletter ready to go before it is delivered to your doorstep?

About once each quarter, the Military Park newsletter with the bright red logo is delivered to your doorstep full of the news of Military Park.    There is quite a bit of work that goes into the preparation and delivery of the newsletter which is outlined below.

  1. The dates for submission of articles, when it goes to printer, when the stickers are applied, and when the newsletter is delivered is decided at a meeting at the beginning of the year.
  2. Various members of MPRA volunteer to write articles on various subjects; however, anyone in the neighborhood can write an article and submit it to one of the editors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. A member of the Ad committee goes to the local businesses and asks them to put an ad in our newsletter.  A one time business card ad is $25 or $100 for an ad in each of the four newsletters, plus an ad on the website..  After the ads are received, they are sent to the editor with instructions.
  4. Once the editor receives the articles and ads, they are reviewed and arranged into the Publisher program.  Articles are proofed by at least three individuals before being submitted to the printer via e-mail.
  5. Printing of the 700 copies is free and is done by the Community Action Agency of Oklahoma City, and the newsletter must adhere to their guidelines.  Five full working days should be allowed for print orders to be completed.
  6. A staff member from Community Action calls to inform us when the newsletter has been printed and ready for pickup.  A MPRA volunteer picks up the 700 copies from the Community Action Agency on S.W. 29th. 
  7. The following Saturday morning is when the sticker party is scheduled.  This is usually at 9:30 a.m. at Braums.  Before the sticker party Bev maps off the various areas for delivery (each delivery volunteer will get approximately 100 homes to deliver to.)  She staples the maps to the Braums sacks that she will give to each volunteer once they are filled with newsletters.  (Mary saves Braums sacks for this purpose.)
  8. At the sticker party, volunteers stick a MPRA logo to each newsletter, roll each newsletter, and secure it with a rubber band.  The newsletters are then counted and stuffed into the paper sacks according to the number on the map.
  9. Each volunteer takes their designated sack to deliver.  Newsletter delivery is to be done the following week.  There are usually two volunteers for each delivery area.  (It's safer to go in pairs.)  Sometimes there are not enough volunteers, and we solicit for volunteers, and sometimes our volunteers take several areas to deliver. 

From beginning to end, it takes a little over two weeks for newsletter delivery.  Ideally, we would like to have block captains for each block in Military Park and give the responsibility for delivering the newsletter for their block to the block captain. 

Kudos to our newsletter volunteers!!  Without you, we would not have a newsletter.