Big Trash Day

Bulk Waste setout



Bulk Waste should be placed at the curb no more than three days before your pickup date. Don't make your neighbors look at your junk!

Our trucks need room to maneuver. Leave big junk away from obstructions.

Items should be set at least five feet from mailboxes, gas meters, cars, shrubs, or anything else that could interfere with our mechanical lifting arms. Place your bulk Waste at the curb no later than 6 a.m. on the pickup day.

For the same reason, items should be set at least ten feet away from utility poles, to prevent contact with overhead power lines.

We'll pick up as much as four cubic yards of bulk Waste (about the size of two refrigerators) at no charge every month. If you put out more than four cubic yards, we'll charge you $9.12 for every cubic yard over the limit.

When is your pickup day? Check the map, or look at your water bill.

Collection for the north half of the city is planned for the first two weeks of each month, and the south half is planned for the second two weeks of each month.

Bulk waste collection begins during the first full week of the month, except in December. Collection always begins on a Monday. "First Wednesday of the month" collections will always follow a Monday in that month, except in December. Please check your water bill of the map to determine December bulk waste collection dates.

At times, the volume of monthly waste can affect the collection schedule. We will pick up within 2 days of the date listed on your utility bill.

Here's what we can pick up:

large and small household appliances
large cardboard boxes (broken down and tied into tight bundles)
trees and limbs
non-contracted remodeling waste (that is, leftovers from do-it-yourself projects
- sorry, we do not accept rocks, bricks, dirt or concrete )

Appliances containing Freon, such as old refrigerators and air conditioners, will be picked up on monthly bulk waste collection day by special arrangement. Call customer service at 405 297-2833 to request the pickup.

We can't pick up:

hospital/medical waste
acids and caustics
bricks, dirt and rocks
sewage and liquid waste
nuclear materials
gasoline, kerosene and other fuels
propane tanks
tires and rims
brake fluid
car batteries
automobile frames
crankcases or transmisiions
rust remover
pool chemicals
sheetrock or roofing items
contracted tree and grass trimmings
contracted construction, reconstruction, demolition
and repair waste

Some of these items can be taken to the City's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. See the list of accepted items on the Web site.