Chairman when the President and Vice-President are Absent

Chairman when the President and Vice-President are Absent
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If the president and the vice-president are absent from a meeting, is the secretary the next person in line to conduct the meeting?


No, the secretary COULD be elected chairman pro tem, but the secretary already has a job to do at the meeting, i.e. taking minutes. If the secretary is elected chairman pro tem then there would need to be another election for secretary pro tem. Refer to Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), 10th edition, p. 437:

"If neither the president nor any vice-president is present, the secretary - or in the secretary's absence some other member - should call the meeting to order, and the assembly should immediately elect a chairman pro tem to preside during that session. Such office is terminated by the entrance of the president or a vice-president, or by the election of another chairman pro tem."