Adopted August 2, 2008
Revised November 19, 2009
Amended December 18, 2011

The name of the association shall be MILITARY PARK RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION.

The purpose of the Association shall be to promote a better community through group action and reduce crime throughout the neighborhood. The aim is to improve and beautify our neighborhood and work cooperatively with the Oklahoma City Police Department to improve the quality of life for residents of Military Park. Specific goals may be established from time to time as decided by the membership.

SECTION 1 – MEMBERSHIP: Membership is voluntary and open to any and all persons residing, owning property, or operating a business within the Military Park Subdivision. The area is bounded by the south side of N.W. 36th on the North, the north side of N.W. 30th on the South, Classen Boulevard on the East, and Pennsylvania Avenue on the West; save and except that part of Putnam Heights located in the 1400 and 1500 blocks of N.W. 35th and N.W. 36th. 
SECTION 2 – VOTING MEMBERSHIP: Only individuals described in the preceding paragraph who have paid their annual dues in full may vote on association business. Only one vote is available per member and voting members must be eighteen (18) years or older.
SECTION 3 – MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING: All persons who have requested to join the association, adhered to membership regulations of the association, and have paid their dues in full shall be considered members in good standing. 
SECTION 4 – ANNUAL DUES: Annual dues shall be $10 per member and shall be renewable and adjusted each year by vote of the membership to reflect the financial need of the Association. Additional special dues may be requested to accomplish specific projects if approved by the membership. 
SECTION 5 – PAYMENT OF DUES: Dues shall be due by the first (1st) day of January of each year. 

SECTION 1 – OFFICERS: The officers shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and such other officers, as the Association shall elect. 
SECTION 2 – ELECTION: They shall be elected each year at the annual meeting. 
SECTION 3 – ELIGIBILITY: Any resident of a dues-paying household shall be eligible to hold any office. 
SECTION 4 – COMPOSITION: The Board of Directors shall consist of no less than five (5) and no more than eight (8) members and shall include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the immediate Past President of the Association and such other directors as the membership shall elect at large at any regular meeting. 
A. The Board of Directors may call special meetings.
B. Take action between regular meetings on behalf of the membership.
C. Deal with emergency problems.
D. No officer or Board of Directors may apply for grants, city ordinance consideration, or requests for city, county, state, or federal aid or programs on behalf of the Association without a vote of the membership as defined in the "Meetings" section of these Bylaws to approve of the Association’s position. However, when events occur that do not provide sufficient time to call a meeting and obtain approval, (i.e. Oklahoma City Council minutes are published Friday for meetings the following Tuesday), the President may act after attempting consultation with at least two other board members.
E. In addition to the duties described above, the Board of directors shall, within six months of the adoption of these Bylaws hold a residents meeting to report information and actions needed for creation of a "neighborhood watch area" and neighborhood patrols by volunteers for the purpose of determining the member’s interest in such activities and to undertake initiation of said programs if approved by a majority of the residents present at that meeting, providing a quorum exists.

SECTION 1 – BLOCK CAPTAIN: A block captain shall be appointed for each block of each street by the Board of Directors. In the event that volunteers cannot be found in a particular block, the block captain from the nearest block on that street shall be asked to handle two or more blocks. A block, for this purpose, is defined as both sides of the street in a particular area (i.e.; 1400 block, 1500 block, etc.) 
A. Deliver newsletter and other written notices.
B. Keep their block informed of neighbors in need of help due to sickness or family death, and coordinate any aid the block is willing to render, and keep the President informed of such actions or additional needs (i.e.; meals, temporary lawn maintenance, etc.)
C. Invite new and existing residents to join the Association.

The association may establish committees for any specific purpose to act in the best interest of the Association. Said committees shall be appointed by the Board of Directors or elected by the Association.

A. The regular meeting in January shall be considered the annual meeting. Newly elected officers and directors shall take office at the close of business at the January meeting.
B. Other meetings shall be held on a regular basis and at a time and place of convenience to the largest number of members.
C. Meetings shall be called and members notified at least one week in advance.
D. Each dues paying member shall have the right to vote at the annual meeting and all meetings, subject to the qualifications set forth in the "voting membership" section above and the "Amendments" section below.
E. All members shall also have the privilege of attending any committee or Board of Directors meeting.

Roberts Rules of Order (current edition) shall be used to conduct all meetings. 

At least five (5) members qualified to vote, as defined in the "Meetings" section of the By-Laws, must be present to conduct official business. A majority of those persons present and qualified to vote can approve any action.

A. Association funds shall be deposited with a financial institution in an account in the name of the ‘Military Park Residents Association.
B. The elected Treasurer shall be responsible for recording receipts, disbursements and presenting a financial report at each meeting of the Association.
C. Withdrawal of funds will require the signature of two officers of the Association.
D. No commitment for expenditure of funds over Fifty Dollars ($50.00) shall be made without the approval of the members.
E. At the end of each fiscal year (which is the calendar year) the President shall appoint an audit committee of members to review the records of the Treasurer and report to the Board of Directors on their findings.

A. The Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting.
B. Each dues paid member must be notified at least one week in advance of the proposed amendment in writing, which may include e-mail, containing the language of the proposed changes, and two thirds (2/3) of those present and voting must approve the change.
C. Only voters who were members at the time of the notice shall be permitted to vote on any proposed change.