Why is there more than one neighborhood association in Military Park?

One Member's Perspective:  by Beverly Clarke

Over the years, more than one military park neighborhood association has emerged in this area of Oklahoma City.  The association I have chosen to join was started in 2008 and is called "Military Park Residents Association" a title that distinguishes it from at least two other earlier groups--"Military Park Neighborhood Association" and another group "The Original Military Park Neighborhood Association."  Leadership, and a variety of individual preferences probably influenced the formation and membership of the various associations. Some associations draw different borders to focus on a smaller or larger area.   (Communicating with over 700 different addresses which are in our area can be daunting task.) 

Articles on this website permit you to learn about how our group handles neighborhood issues.  If you like what you see, or even if you wish to contribute a different perspective, you may want to join us!   Attending our monthly meetings, our socials, and talking to our officers or members  may also be helpful in your decisionmaking.  As a member of one of our two-person crime patrols, I believe crime in our area affects all of us and that our patrols may help deter crime!    Besides, it's fun to wave at neighbors and have them wave back!