Monthly Meeting Minutes


Military Park Residents Association

Immanuel Lutheran Church

April 21, 2013


Madison Miller, President     

Leslie Garrison

Laura Russell

Danny Mainus, Vice-President

Ben Janssen


Robin Pease, Treasurer

Zack Miller


Bev Clarke, Crime Patrol Captain

Cy Prigmore


Call to Order
President Miller called the regular meeting of the Military Park Residents Association to order at 4:09 p.m. on April 21, 2013, at the Immanuel Lutheran Church.

In the absence of Secretary, Mary Davidson, President Miller read the minutes of the March 17, 2013 meeting.   Minutes were approved as read.  Beverly Clarke agreed to prepare minutes for today’s meeting.

Officer & Committee Reports President’s Report: President Miller noted that she was resigning as President since she and her husband would be moving permanently to Tulsa—in May.  They plan to
rent out their home on 33rd street..   Some discussion followed regarding question of whether an election was needed to replace the President.   It was suggested that due to the low attendance at this meeting, perhaps it was wise to let our Vice President serve as President for the next meeting, and delay nominations or until a larger number of people were in attendance.  A motion was made seconded and passed to ask the VP to serve at the next (May 21st) meeting.

Vice President:  None

Treasurer:  Treasurer Robin Pease reported balance of $1692.41 in our Treasury.

Crime Patrol:  Beverly Clarke reported that numbers of patrols had recently been reduced due to illness.

Special Committee Reports;

Welcome Basket Committee Report:  Madison readnote from Russ Islas, committee chair, who will be unable to attend meetings in person for several months.  His note indicated he would be in Hawaii until May 1 and subsequently would be occupied with a rowing boat team at the river and practicing on Sundays.   He indicated that he had two more baskets he would deliver before he left town.  He reported that upon his return he would need to replenish baskets, cards, envelopes, stamps and address labels.  He asked that Tom e-mail him with name and address of the resident living two houses away from him to whom Tom delivered a basket.

New Neighbors:
          Sarah Holder:  3600 Westmont (corner of 35th & Westmont), a single lady who works for the army in Braggs at Camp Gruber who wishes to hire someone to mow her lawn—cell:  706-9819.  She told Russ she would be happy to place a MPRA neighborhood sign in her front yard. 
          Debbie Schweickart: 3613 Westmont, a resident in past, but had moved away for several years.  She recently bought house at 3613 Westmont and has moved in.  She is interested in the Safety Patrol. She is a district court officer.  Her cell phone is 520-5181.  Russ took her an application for membership.
          Linda Tilman, living at 1627 NW 34th (corner of 34th & Florida) reported on a new neighbor living at 1620 NW 34th.  Members were encouraged to continue collecting names of new people in their neighborhood and to forward to Russ the minutes of this April 21 meeting.

General Planning:
Next Year date for Big Event:   March 29, 2014.
Putnam Heights Easter Egg Hunt:  Extra plastic eggs were purchased for use next year (2014).
Web Site Completion:  no update available.
Issue of use of Facebook for MPRA:  No interest was expressed in use of Facebook for MPRA.

Specific Activity Dates Scheduled:
May 17th (Friday) Due Date - for providing articles to Rod Davidson for next newsletter.
May 23rd (Thursday) Super Kids Day - Volunteers needed at three different times:   
                                                                  8 – 10 a.m., 10:15 – 11:45 a.m., and 12:45 – 2:15 p.m.  
May 25th (Saturday) Neighborhood Cleanup - Madison will order dumpster placement at 35th St
June 1:  (Saturday) Newsletter sticker party at Braums at 9:30 a.m.
June 1-8:   Newsletter delivery.
August 3:  (Saturday) Watermelon Party
Dec. 15:  (Sunday) December Meeting and Holiday Party at Cimarron Steakhouse.

Activity Dates not yet finalized:
October:   Halloween Party
December:  Progressive Dinner

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.



Beverly Clarke                                                         ______________________
Beverly Clarke                                                            Date Approved
Secretary, Pro Tem